Thursday, April 30, 2020

Long Distance Grandparents Ideas

Long Distance Grandparent Activity #6 – Play the Story Game

The Story Game is where you start a story with 3-5 words. Then, your grandchild needs to continue the story with just 3-5 words. Then you continue the story with the next 3-5 words. This game can get hilarious when your grandchildren run it completely off the rails in a direction that you just didn’t anticipate. . .especially with the little ones!

Have a Tea Party
Imagination required! Younger children will enjoy setting up a tea party and surprising grandma and grandpa with an invitation. All the grandparents have to do is bring a cup and saucer and play along.

Keepy:  Share art-work, school projects and other things that grandparents love to put on their fridge (but don’t have room for).