Friday, April 17, 2020

General Boredom Busting Activities

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The boredom activities are for the most part ideas that need no interaction with a computing device for you to do

-Order a disco ball to decorate your living room 
-  Bake something insane & over-the-top 
-  Make a master list of everything you need to do Yeah, EVERYTHING Then start… 
- Frame up some of your favourite photographs & hang them in your house  
 -Torture your pets by making them wear costumes &/or hats Then take photographs   
-Organise your jewellery collection  Put on all your sequins,
- Learn the words to your favourite rap song to impress strangers with  
- Make paper dolls, then put them in envelopes & send them to your best friends  '
-Build a fort using blankets, chairs & a sofa  
- Put on lipstick & kiss all your envelopes 
 -Dye your lingerie in the bathtub  

-Paint a huge heart on your wall 
-Chew an entire pack of Hubba Bubba & blow the biggest bubbles possible  (for 87 more  interesting ideas select the link below)

100 things to do while your stuck inside

Twitter AXE
Twitter AXE

(Seniors please note: Before doing any suggested physical activities such as dance, yoga or exercise, be sure to consult with your health professional) 

Look at pictures of puppies   (for 99 more   ideas that are written in the English Language select the link below)

100 things to do while stuck inside due to a Pandemic


Try Karaoke at home or sing along with your favorite song  (for 72  more out of sight  ideas select the link below)

73 Fun Things To Do Alone At Home For When You Are Bored


-Build a fleet of sailboats and float them in your bathtub/pool 
 -Learn a bunch of new words and incorporate them into your speech
-Try to draw the most perfect circle without using a compass
-Make your own board game
-Memorize some poetry well enough so you can recite it
-Build a fleet of sailboats and float them in your bathtub/pool
-Write a song
-Practice picking locks
-Make a drum kit out of random household items and play it
-Draw a tattoo on yourself
-Give yourself a new piercing

-Figure out the meaning of life

(for 38  more incredibly delectable   ideas select the link below)

50 Things to Do When You're Bored and Completely Alone

Whether you’ve never picked up a paintbrush in your life or were the star of your art classes at school, painting can be incredibly therapeutic, and is a wonderful way to amuse oneself for a few hours.
from 50 Coronavirus Jokes That Should Help You Get Through Quarantine

Dig out your old paints or steal your kids’ and let your imagination run wild  (for 27 more fun and fabulous ideas select the link below)
28 Things To Do When You're Home Alone And Bored Out Of your mind

 Make a list of all the people who were a positive influence on your life and write each of them a thank-you letter. Think for a bit about all of the people who have inspired you and helped you along in your current life path. Make a list of all of these people – mine, for example, includes my high school English teacher, some relatives and friends, and a few college professors. Then pull out some paper and a pen and write each of them a handwritten letter, reminding them of how they helped you out and thanking them for doing so. It’s a great way to get in touch with the people who helped shape your life, and it’s something you’ll feel genuinely good about for a long time.  (for 49 more ideas that would put a smile on anyones face  ideas select the link below)
Long Distance Relationship Activities: The Ultimate List 



-Make a television out of a big box and put on shows 
-Mad Libs
 -Play dolls
-Learn Morse Code
-Invent your own code
-Paint family portraits
 -Build a house of cards
-Learn the state capitals
-Make the flags of the world out of construction paper
-Make musical instruments out of stuff in your house
-Make paper snowflakes
-Make a Family Tree
-Make a paper chain
-Learn a few magic tricks
-Using stuff around your house, set up an indoor bowling lane
-Make paper airplanes
-Make a toothfairy pillow by hand
-Make holiday or birthday wrapping paper with stamps
-Count all the loose change you can find
-Play dress up
-Make pet toys
-Learn how to do yo-yo tricks
-Make paper dolls 
-Check in on your neighbors
-Use flashlights to create profile shadows that you can turn into Silhouettes
-Write on the backs of photographs
-Make a stuffed-animal zoo
-Polish the silver
-Sew buttons onto scrap fabric
-Make beads out of rolled up paper
-Make up poems and limericks
-Make and decorate paper crowns
-Learn how to tie cool knots

-Begin each sentence with "I LOVE YOU!"

 (for 67 more passionate ideas select the link below)

100 Things to do with Kids During a Power Outage

National Emergency Library The Internet Archive has over 1.4 million books available for loan in its library. For the duration of the cornavirus crisis, their wait list ios suspended and all books are available immediately with no waiting
 link (for  a whole bunch of somewhat silly  ideas select the link below)

My own suggestions for the Homebound  

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